Tea party & candle workshop

July 1

Rose tea party and candle making workshop

After a long break, Heart N Soul is now back to spark the light of creativity to all of you through this creative workshop. Candles is one of the best healing tools for either relaxation and focus.

It gives light.
It brings back the sense of peace.
It provides calmimg space and sacred healing upon our intentions.

In this special time, we are going to have a lovely ROSE TEA PARTY along with the handcraft. As we are in such an important time, lets take some time to stop, sip the tea, breathe and be happy. We are going to connect to our body and call back our power in order to feel once again strong and connected.

Come join us, make your own CANDLES and have fun together!

Candles are now being used in many different purposes:
They can be your best soother after long day of work.
They can bring more beauty into your home space.
Scented candles can specifically activate your energy.
They can be used for spiritual manifesting tool upon your intentions.
They can be used in different rituals, celebrations or parties.

What about trying making your OWN?
What we will learn in the class:
1. How to make candlewick from cotton.
2. How to color your candles.
3. How to scent your candles.
4. How to decorate your candles.
5. Sources to buy materials.

About Heart N Soul Candles.
Made of natural soy wax which is eco-friendly.
Candlewick is handmade. No aluminium pieces left over after the usage.
Re-used containers. Ceramic cups (containers)‚Äčare secondhand ones that can be used as tea cups after.
Last long hours.

Date: 1st of July 2020
Time: 10.30-12.30
Vanue: Heart N Soul House
Cost: 1,500 baht only! You will definitely get around 6 beautiful candles home

Looking forwards to seeing you all soon!

Event Details

Timing: 10.30am - 12.30pm

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