Special Candle Ritual

January 31

A spontenious calling for feminine gathering

If your soul is longing for reseting and rebalancing, this is a great opportunity for you.

What is Special Candle Ritual?

It is a ritual for letting go and inviting the light in. By using candles as the symbolic tool and elemental vehical, we are able to access the power of transformation and inner fire lying in the dept of our essence.

In the beginning of the year, it is essential for us to reflect what has been happening in the past, learn important ‚Äčlessons and shining light on the challenges we have been through with gratitude. As well as embodying the fire to move forwards.

This ritual is all about LIGHT.

It is time for you to SHINE and stop hiding from being WHO YOU ARE.

The circle of empowerment will allow you to SHINE from within, spot the light to those challenges and share your gifts to our sisters, families, society and the world.

Join us 24th of Jan from 5-7pm.
The ritual will start 15 munites later.
Fruits and tea will be served.

This is a donation-based event

Please click Going if you are sure that you can make it.

Let’s spark the light and see you soon!!

Event Details

Timing: 5pm - 7pm

Heart N Soul
Herbal Steam House

064 959 5596 Facebook