Sound theater

October 21

While words can be entrancing and enrapturing, oftentimes they limit our emotional expression. In this workshop, we’ll explore theatre exercises from a solely sound-based platform.

For example, one person may play a cupcake, the next an apple, and the third, a person on a diet. Instead of having to go through the sometimes stressful process of finding words, we surrender into the sound of the being we are playing. Does a cupcake, hum a happy tune? Does an apple make crispy crunchy sound? Does the dieter make groans and moans of torturous discomfort and desire in their struggle to make the right decision? And who will win the battle of the dieter’s choice?
There will be both structured scenes provided, as well as more abstract exercises. Either way, the key is to let sound flow through you without a need for words.

Join at Free Bird Café for an artistic and liberating dive into sound and self-expression. Free Bird is a social enterprise and 100% of their profits support the indigenous and refugee communities in Thailand, please purchase a drink or meal before coming up to help support the generously offered space.

Event Details

Timing: 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Free Bird Cafe

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