Sacred Geometry Workshop

December 22

Have you always been curious about the meaning of sacred geometry and how it could be used in your practice?

What is the hidden meaning behind the flower of life, the golden spiral, and other magical geometric shapes?

If you’re curious and want answers this workshop is for you. We would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of sacred geometry.  John will be your instructor.  Over the past few years, John has delved deeply into the sacred forms that manifest in our universe.  He is an engineer and Hermeticist with over 40 years of meditation practice. In this workshop, the student will learn about the basic forms of sacred geometry and how they exist in nature, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. They will be given a paper with the seed of life and flower of life along with crayons and colored pencils.

A special meditation will be taught on how to connect with the seed of life or flower of life whichever the student chooses. Elements of the meditation include mindfulness, breathing, energy projection/charging and movement. Energy awareness is essential to get the most value out of this workshop.

We are asking for a donation of 100 baht to help pay for art supplies and the space.

Event Details

Timing: 2pm - 3.30pm

Chiang Mai Holistic

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