Responses vs Reactions – Defensive vs Receptive

June 23

Consider the difference if you were able to ‘choose’ your response rather than instantly react. So many times, we do what we do ‘cos that’s the way we do it and have always done it and often in a way we regret later.

Reactions are a way of ‘being’ that stem from deep subconscious programing. This could be your own or you could have learned it from a parent or other member of your family.  Reactions positive and negative are generally in place by the time we are 7 years old, which is why they often appear to be ‘childish’ and often don’t feel like who we are now.

On the other hand – a response isn’t always as immediate but comes from a place of assimilating facts, observation, intelligence and a choice of how to ‘respond’.  Although a response isn’t as speedy as a reaction, it comes from a place of maturity, observation and consideration rather than defensiveness, fear or anger.

Fast Track Technique is the Sherlock Holmes of the spiritual world and delves deeply into outdated subconscious programing to discover and remove the root causes of negative reactions and replace them with a choice of how you prefer to feel.

Enhance your relationship with you and others while discovering more about yourself.

Fast Track Technique; engage your mind, transform your life

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