Rapid language learning

April 20 - April 25

Learn to read Thai with the Rapid Method, a minimalist Accelerated Learning approach, using bizarre visuals and mnemonics so that you instantly remember the letters and sounds and tones.

At the end of the week, you will know (and remember) all the letters and be able to sound virtually any Thai word accurately and with the correct tone – and read whole sentences without spaces.

(Note, you won’t necessarily *understand* what you are reading, but that comes later… by picking up vocabulary from your surroundings and by reading songs and stories with a Thai teacher to help you understand them.)

Don’t jump into trying to speak Thai straight away because you’ll end up with a mangled “farang” dialect that difficult to understand and impossible to unlearn later on.

Get it done and dusted in one week!

If you’re serious about learning Thai then this is probably the only way to do so.

Event Details

Timing: 8am - 5pm


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