Online meditation course

January 16 - March 27

Master the mechanisms of your Mind.

This course is a very clear, systematic approach to the art and science of meditation.

What will you get in this course?
– Learn how & why meditation actually works – including the laws & mechanisms of the mind, such as the law of resonance, the principle of superimposition, the principle of limit and the principle of rhythm for attaining continuity of consciousness.

– More than just meditation – the course includes techniques to optimize the mind & body for better meditation, including various yoga asanas & concentration exercises

– Systematic training for better long-term development – using techniques with measurable results and a step-by-step approach which guides beginner & intermediate practitioners to advanced realms of meditation

– Learn why most people fail in meditation – we’ll identify the pitfalls that make most people quit before they get results, as well as the bigger long-term obstacles that block even advanced practitioners from their highest goals.

– Use meditation as a tool for accelerated self-development – it’s the fastest way to become who you want to be and to eliminate all limitations and everything which stops you from being you.

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Every Saturday.

Event Details

Timing: 8.30pm - 10.30pm
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