Muscle Testing & Integrated Exercise based on Clinical Reasoning

July 13 - July 14

Muscle Testing & Integrated Exercise for Physio & Fitness
Concept of Course: Just Test, then fixed by exercise
Use Muscle Testing as a checkpoint for movement weaknesses and use Integrated Exercise to solve that muscle problem. Without making Myofascial Release, other tools or techniques

The origin of Course: is a course intended to solve the management problems. Muscle Imbalance by Physio and Trainer By starting from yourself On the day of the case, found that We cannot use treatment or train in the same way as every case. Because each person’s problems are different So we should check using
Manual Muscle Test: is a method for detecting muscle disorders or weak angles of movement. If there is a weak muscle (Weak), Injury, can not be ordered as normal (Dysfunction), these symptoms cause the movement disorder (Compensate) which is the source of pain (Pain ) We will fix Weak and Dysfunction by using Exercise.

Integrated Exercise: is an exercise that is applied to cases that have different problems of Kinetic Chain or each bundle muscle effectively.

*** Recommendation suitable for Physio / Fitness Trainer / Yoga / Pilates Medical staff
Or those interested in going to study NKT, Anatomy Train and other Advance Technique
Ps. This course is not NKT or Licensing Coursework

Early Bird 4900 baht before 20 June 2019
Regular Price 5200 baht within 5 July 2019

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Timing: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

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