Matcha 101 Workshop

July 20

Matcha 101 Workshop

A complete Matcha Workshop with the Chaseki team, for those who want to learn more about this magic beverage.

Part of the workshop is a Matcha Tasting to get more knowledge about the flavor varieties of the tea. You will discover how to make Usucha (thin Matcha), Koicha (thick Matcha), and the perfect Matcha Latte.

Additionally, you’ll be learning everything about the different grades and tasting notes of matcha tea, how it’s made and produced.
You will become a Master in identifying good Matcha and what to be aware of when you buy it. We will also teach you the whisking techniques required for various drinks.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll get to make a Matcha Mocktail as well!

Ingredients and equipment are provided.

July 20th, 2019 at Chaseki


Price: FREE / Limited capacity!

*The workshop will be conducted in English and Thai .
*Participants must be 21 yrs+

Event Details

Timing: 4 - 6 pm


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