Learning to Listen – Somatic Movement Immersion

June 28 - July 7

Somatic Movement, based on the Feldenkrais Method, is a deep and authentic mind-body practice for anyone interested in:

– Pleasure, flexibility, mobility, freedom and joy in movement
– Reconnection and more intimate understanding of the body
– Deep relaxation, ease of tension and stress
– Relief from chronic pain and rehabilitation from injury
– Freedom from repetitive cycles in thinking & behaving
– Accessible tools for mindfulness in daily life

This immersion is a special resource for anyone who uses their body as tool (yoga teachers, athletes, dancers, performers, actors, artists, bodyworkers/manual therapist), or resource (life coaches, counsellors and holistic health care providers) or wants to start

This “Learning to Listen” Somatic Movement Immersion is one-of-a-kind and open to all bodies and backgrounds!
Students will improve how they feel, connect and understand their bodies and the immense affect this embodied awareness has on their overall health and wellbeing.

By developing a vocabulary of sensation students learn the language of their body. Their body becomes the tool for truly understanding the difference between efficient effort and unnecessary strain Students can learn to recognize when they get in their own way and when compulsive thoughts become self-limiting actions.

In this program students are encouraged to go at their own pace and foster their best conditions for learning.
The work is deep, individual, accessible and fun.

This immersion unfolds in 2 Modules in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Module 1 – 5 Days – 9:30am – 5pm – June 28th – July 2nd, 2019
Module 2 – 3 Days – 9:30am – 5pm – July 5th – July 7th, 2019

Module 1 (Intro to Somatic Movement)
is an embodied learning web.
Each day is a process of “learning to listen” with all the senses through Feldenkrais (Awareness Through Movement) lessons, visualization, active listening, breathing exercises, slow and gentle somatic & creative movement exercises, hands-on partner work, group observation and discussion.

Module 2* (Movement Explorations)
is the next layer.
Building upon newfound awareness and deepening understanding of being in a “wakeful embodied state” students begin to play with the possibilities of exciting, dynamic movement sequences. Rolling, tumbling, reversibility and changing dimension in space will be explored in an easeful, non-competitive, mindful way.
*This Module is open to students who complete Module 1 or Feldenkrais Practioners

Learn more, register or find out what former students have said about the program here: https://somatic-movement-project.com/immersions-retreats/

Event Details

Timing: 9.30 am - 5.00 pm
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