Learn how to design and build a earth house

January 23 - January 25

This five day course is especially suitable for those who:

– want to gain a basic understanding of how an earth building provides thermal comfort and energy savings (in any climate)
– have a plan to build an earth home (or any small-sized building such as a guest room, meditation/yoga/music room, outdoor
kitchen etc),
– seek an overall introduction to earth building and discover it by practise

– Basic knowledge of load-bearing, non load-bearing walls,
– Walls reinforcement, connexion with the foundation and the roof,
– Thermal mass and insulation
– Passive cooling and heating strategies
– Protection against the rain, waterproofing the walls

– Soil testing
– Adobe technique: preparing the mix and making sun-dried earth bricks. Laying the bricks and leveling the wall.
– Cob technique: Preparing the mix and testing it. Making patties to make a small wall.
– Wattle-and-daub technique : Preparing the mix and making the wall.
– Earth plastering (by hand and with tools): base coat, finishing coat, decoration (earth paint, simple sculptures). Learn how to find
the right ratio.

Event Details

Timing: 8.30 AM - 6 PM

Earth Home Thailand (MaeJo BaanDin), Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai

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