Kizomba Intensive Workshops (Nelson Campos)

July 13 - July 14

Shout out to all dance lovers! Nelson Campos is coming to Chiang Mai and he will teach an Intensive Kizomba Workshops from Beginner to Intermediate. Learn/Brush your basic techniques and go up to higher level in 2 days!!

This is your chance to learn from the star! Please see all the details below.

Date/Time/What will you learn.

Saturday 13th July 2019
14:00-15:00- Intro to Kizomba
– Basic Kizomba foundations and steps Leading and the following technique

15:15-16:15- Beginner/Intermediate
– Saida and its variations Change directions in kizomba Learn to Combine basic moves

Sunday 14th July 2019
12:00-13:00- Tarraxinha and Cool Combo (Intermediate)
– Cool and smooth combinations, Working with music, Tarraxinha moves in Kizomba, Space awareness, body Isolation and cool kizomba moves.

13:15-14:15- Fancy Move and Tricks (Intermediate)
– Fancy moves Syncopated steps in Kizomba Music interpretation Simply tricks and deeps in Kizomba.

1 Single Workshop: 300 baht per person
Full Pass Workshop (4 hours): 1000 baht per person

Register now to reserve your spot with Ying Rumpapak, send us a PM or register at our parties on Tuesdays at The Mellowship, Fridays at The Canteen and Sundays at OneNimman.

Event Details

Timing: 2pm

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