Holistic Health Boost Workshop

June 22

A introduction to a holistic lifestyle

Join us on Saturday June 22 at 10 am at The House of Good Spirit for our Holistic Health Boost Workshop.

This workshop focuses on introducing different holistic lifestyle pillars like nutritional balance, restoration & sleep habits, movement patterns & physical activity levels, happiness cultivation and how to find your general life direction that propels you forward in life.

The workshop will mix theory and practical exercises in order for you to get your lifestyle changing tools that will give you effect right away.

This workshop will include:
Body mind connection
-Posture and its benefits
-Shallow vs diaphragmatic breathing
-Breathing exercise
-Mobility vs stability?
-Tips for YOUR needs

HLC – Holistic Lifestyle Coaching in your everyday life
-Life direction cultivation and understanding
-Quick assessment and tips for each section of your lifestyle pillars
-Restoration and sleep habits
-Nutritional habits and their effects
-Happiness cultivation habits
-Movement habits
-PMR Guided meditation
-Bring it all together with practical tools

This workshop is perfect for you who are looking to gain more:
-Body-mind awareness
-Make healthy nutritional lifestyle choices
-Increase your awareness of how your daily habits affects your health
-Learn how to “connect” with yourself

The workshop is free of charge and we have 10 spots available. Reserve your spot here:

Same street as B2 Black Hotel, a bit further down the street on your right hand side.

Event Details

Timing: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

House of Good Spirit

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