Herbal Tea Blending Workshop

December 3 - December 8

Must RSVP through messenger or through my website. For the best experience, we will limit the workshop to 5 people.

Herbal Healer’s Intuitive Tea Blending Workshop​ will guide you in blending your perfect herbal tea. With over 25 loose, organic herbs to choose from, we consolidate important facts about each herb and make it easy for you to make a blend perfect for your health needs and your taste buds.

You will receive one-on-one coaching about medicinal herbs and we can tailor the blend as needed. At the end, you will take home a box of your custom blend!

500 baht

Intuitive Blending Process (60-90 minutes)
Take some time to consider your desired flavor, health needs, and the feeling that you want from your blend.
Intuitively select 5-10 herbs that you will experiment with throughout the blending process.
Taste, smell, learn about the herbs that you choose using research from the Herbal Healer team.
Blend your first batch, taking note about the outcome.
Tweak the blend to your perfection.
Share and compare your blend with your workshop neighbors.
Finally, take home the blend you created!

Event Details

Timing: 10am

Free Bird Cafe