Gong Bath Sound Healing Session PlookJai Spiritual Tree Planting

June 25

Gong Bath Sound Healing can take you to a deep meditative stage. It’s a clothed relaxing and blissful experience where you bathe in the healing sound waves.

No Bath Involved And No Clothes Removed!

How does it heal?

The vibration of the gong will wash over you from the crown to the root. By completely laying down in stillness, this allows energy to be discharged from the fingers and toes and create an opportunity to move stagnant energies.

Ticket: 250 Baht Including Herbal Tea Drinks After The Session
Only Available For 25 Attendees

Please reserve your space before the session via an options below

Bank Transfer: Kasikorn Bank Account# 457-225-537-4
Natonrawin Prasopsuk
or PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/pema147
or PromtPay: 0986711880 Arisara Yenjai

Once you’ve made a payment please, kindly let us know by emailing to: [email protected]

100% of this session earnings will be used for Plook Jai Project.

– Session: 6:00 pm -7:00 pm.
– Please arrive 15 mins before class starts (Door closes at 6:00 pm)
– Please wear lose and comfortable outfit that will be appropriate for lying down.

*** About Sound Healer ***
Wilawan Nannette or Kru Toon, is a musician and a piano teacher who have taught Thai and international students for more than 20 years. She had an opportunity to study meditation from a guru and discovered a way to heal herself. Being a musician has led her to study the science of sound healing. She found that frequency of sound has ability to heal physically and mentally and are backed up by many scientific researches.

In 2018, Kru Toon has started to conduct a sound healing session by using a Thai Gong, with more than 200 attendees so far. She is the first from Thailand who has registered as a member of sound healers association (SHA).

*** Thank you, Nasaraan Boutique Hotel for letting us use the space and providing herbal tea drinks as a support for Plook Jai Project ***

Event Details

Timing: 5.45 - 7.00 pm