Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga Course with Kru. Lek

January 21 - January 24

Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga Course with Kru. Lek
Jan. 21st ( Tues.) – Jan. 24th ( Fri.)

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm ( 2 Hours each day)
Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai

1600 THB 4 days Full Yoga Course with Pre-Payment by Jan. 12th .

– 400 THB single Drop-in with Pre-payments
– 450 THB Drop-in after Jan. 12th, 2020
– FULL SERIES after Jan. 12th 1800 THB

email: [email protected]
for details and for single day options.

Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga is a fun and creative way to inspires your body to move and stretch more dynamically and effectively, supporting
you to go deeper into your yoga postures and understanding of yoga asana.

Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga works through tensegrity and resistance of the body tissues. It helps you to improve body function and connects
the body and brain connection.

By integrating Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga into your yoga practice you will learn to move and stretch the body in new ways. This enhancing
method improves body coordination and balance.

In this 4 days course, we will explore Tensegrity in our body, from skin to muscle, to connective tissues, tendons and bones. By exploring
this connective chain, we deepen our connect with our body and the ways in which we express our yoga postures.

Join us to explore the 6 Direction (forward bend, backbend, lateral bend, compression, extension, and twist) in the basic foundation
of our movement with Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga from the simplest to the most complex yoga expression.

4 Days program: Dynamic Elastic Band Yoga with Kru. Lek of InnerLife Yoga.

– Day 1: Opening Yin Meridian line ( Introduction to Dynamic Elastic Yoga).

– Day 2: The forces of Tensegrity ( Stretch and Compression).

– Day 3 : The 6 lines that map the body movements
(6 Meridian Train) .

– Day 4 : The Core and space around it (Power of Dantian).

Event Details

Timing: 12pm - 2pm

Wild Rose Yoga

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