Cabbage: reimagined

February 21

Join for a 3 part creative workshop where we will learn to draw, print and make a simple sauerkraut all from one cabbage! 

Why cabbage?
We all know the humble cabbage, and worldwide the cabbage is eaten in many ways. It’s extremely versatile and one time or another, I’m sure we’ve eaten it!

But how often do we use it for creativity?

Workshop breakdown:
I’ll show you how I draw through the method of continuous line drawing, and we’ll have fun through a range of timed warm-up exercises.

We’ll then make a simple paint using turmeric to make prints of the cabbage half.

Then you will learn how to make sauerkraut using the same cabbage.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is for anyone curious about their creativity, or where their creativity went.
For anyone who wants to learn how to make a simple fermentation.
For anyone who has “try something new” on their goals this year.
For anyone who is homeschooling, is around children, and is looking for something engaging and fun to do together.
Note: You need no experience in drawing, printing or fermenting.

What to bring:
A glass jar for your sauerkraut (big enough to fit a shredded head of cabbage. If you don’t have a jar, – Free Bird Cafe may have some to purchase in the zero-waste store, My Best Life CNX on site.
You can also bring your own knife and cutting board, bowl if you don’t want to use shared ones but they will be provided.

Materials provided:
Pens and markers
Muslin cloth for each person
Elastic band
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowls
Investment: 200B

Duration: 1 1/2 – 2 hours
*Please message us to confirm your spot so we have enough materials for everyone.

About the facilitator:
Aimee is a practicing Artist based in Chiang Mai, with a background in kindergarten teaching, cooking and a degree in Fine Arts. Recently, she has followed her heart and begun to turn her drawings into products and launched her own brand, AIMEEEEMIA.prints.

Event Details

Timing: 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Free Bird Cafe

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