Ashtanga Teacher Training

October 10 - November 13

200hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Accredited

Date:12- 19 October 2019 & 1- 13 November 2019
Location: Ashtanga Yoga Chaing Mai, Thailand

Have the opportunity to deepen your practice and your knowledge about the Ashtanga Method.
We offer two different formats of attendance.

Intensive first 80Hrs, This is for those who would like to improve their practice in regards of techniques and theory, but they are not interested yet in becoming a Yoga Teacher

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training
This form of attendance is direct it to those students who wish to improve their practice and become an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

What is include?
1. Ashtanga Yoga Chart
2. Manuals
3. Workshops
5. 200hrs of learning and practicing
6. Guidance in your practice from three full-time Yoga teacher with over 10,000 of teaching hours
7. Pay before 30 July and received a gift from EASYOGA (cotton Yoga Mat)

This course is suitable to any level of Yoga Practice experience, if you are new to the practice, you will gain information in how to start your practice with the correct foundation, this will allow you to progress in your Yoga Journey faster and in a safe way

If you had been practicing, our 200hrs and 80hrs intensive, will give you the tools in how to depend on your practice, find different and efficient ways in how to move. For those who would like to start their Yoga career, this course will help you to learn how to teach according to what your students need. We don’t believe in script, and we believe in authentic Yoga Teacher than can see their students and offer what they need

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Timing: 8am

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