Art of Grounding: Strategies for Present-Moment Awareness

June 18 - June 25

How do you know when you are losing your ground?! In fact, what does that even mean?!

Grounding is often understood as getting out into nature and walking bare feet on the earth. We are in full agreement with this definition but let’s go further. The Art of Grounding workshop is all about you grounding into the present moment being able to tune into your emotions, thoughts and feelings without judgment or analysis.

In Art of Grounding you’ll learn techniques and strategies that will aid you in developing your self-awareness muscle, tuning into those subtle cues that you are becoming ungrounded and ways to reground. The more we are present to the moment before us is where the magic happens. Often unconsciously we are in automatic behavior patterns that help us be anywhere else except in the present moment, let’s redirect that.

Cost 300 baht
Shakeup Pass holders can use your cards

About the Facilitator:

Lori Ann Arsenault is the Founder and CEO of Freedom Within Co. Ltd. She is also a Global TREⓇ Certification Trainer. Through her innovate TREⓇ ShAkE uP! (Shakeup) classes, she has introduced thousands to the dynamic self-practice of TREⓇ and educated many more on the vital role the nervous system plays in our lives.

Event Details

Timing: 6 pm

Freedom Within Studio

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