A Holistic Approach to Stress And Wellness

August 26 - September 10

In this workshop we will cover our personal and professional view on stress from many different lifestyle perspectives, and how you can practically deal with the stress in your daily life.
There are many different tools in dealing as well as preventing stress to overtake our health and life that we will share during this workshop, all so that you can address your issues right away with daily practices.

This workshop will cover:
-What is stress?
-How stress affects the body
-Stressors and lifestyle
-Stress VS Recovery
-Where am I on the scale?
-Practical Coping
–Short term Coping
–Long term Coping

Practical Tools:
-Grounding meditations
-Exercises to ground yourself
-Daily “check-ins” to stay ahead of the stress curve going up
-How to create a “safe space” in you home
-How you can cultivate this ambience into your everyday life
-Reducing stress at work, in school, in relationships, in sports and other areas.

The workshop is free of charge and we have 10 spots available. Reserve your spot here:

We will host this workshop on 3 different occasions:
AUG 26 – 11.30 AM
SEPT 5 – 6.15 PM
SEPT 10 – 6.15 PM

Same street as B2 Black Hotel, a bit further down the street on your right hand side.

Event Details

Timing: 11.30am and 6.30pm

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