Zomia’s Pieces

June 8 - July 7

Zomia’s Pieces┬áby Santiphap Inkong-gnam
Opening Reception: 8 June 2019, 18:30 hrs onward.

It is not important whether Zomia has fallen or never existed, because Zomia is not born from the intention to occupy. Therefore, the Empire, the Mandate, or the State do not fall within the way of Zomia from its origin.

What is important for Zomia is to become human, to see the humanity in human, to live and exist as a human should with basic rights, equality, dignity, freedom, independence, fraternity, and peace.

Perhaps what Zomia expects is beyond what human should be or beyond what fellow human gives to each other, leading to the ruin of Zomia or maybe its non-existence in the first place.

Event Details

Timing: 6.30 pm

Gallery Seescape
Nimmanhemin Rd., Lane 17

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