Tribal Art & Craft 2022 at Lansieow

February 19

อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ หนึ่งคนขึ้นไป และ ข้อความพูดว่า "Tribal Art છ Crast 2022 by Saipa sirearts sebruary 19th 10 pm Gansicow ลานเสียว dance)' 19 กุมภาพัน์ ceremony 10.15a 10.30an 11.00am Workshop1 Umbrella dance' 12.30 13.30pm 13.45pn handicrafts 14.00pn handicrafts PordeeStuo 15.15pm Cultural Keita' rperformance 17.00pm 18.00pn FireArts' catwalk show Natcharal' Limited to only 100 enchanters! Adults 1,250 baht Children baht Tribal reArts จำกัดเพียง 100 ท่าน! ผู้ไหญ่ 1,250 บาท& 650 บาท ribal"

This year we present…

‘Tribal Art & Craft 2022’ by SaiPa FireArts
February 19th, 10 am – 8 pm @ Lansieow

Let’s cast a mantra with ‘SaiPa FireArts’, the tribal art & craft artist network. By recreating the charm of local wisdom, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Present everyone an opportunity to participate in learning activities & workshops with 5 different unique arts & crafts cultures.

Umbrella painting
Flower basketry
Pottery (ceramic)
Tribal instrument ‘Tena’
Cultural art performance ‘Fire arts’
Filled with the scent of tribal traditional arts, performing arts, music, a fashion show, and catwalk.
Fawn Khan Dok (Flower dance)
Creative Lanna
Fawn Leb (Nail Dance) & Peacock Tail dance
Tai Yai art sword dance
Klong Sabadchai
King Ka La & To dance
Tribal ethnic cultural music
Lanna traditional music
Performing art ‘Fire arts’
Indigo fashion show & Lanna traditional tattoo catwalk

We’ve selected special charms shops for you to choose and enchant your experience.

The Mantra of Art & Craft!
Umbrella handicrafts
Woven handicrafts
Fabric handicrafts ‘Karen hand weaving’ ‘Hemp’ & ‘Indigo’
Pottery (ceramic) handicrafts
Weapons, Ancient Swords & Tung Spider Webs handicrafts
Lanna traditional tattoo ‘Khakom’
Lanna Creative, Lanna Wisdoms School etc.
The Mantra of Food & Drink!
AMA (Banana Grilled), Aui Come Home Studio (Curry) and much more @ Lansieow: Green Dog, Mung Cafe, Dinky’s BQQ, Mao Mao Café, Pure Vegan Heaven, Under Tree etc.

Limited to only 100 enchanters, which can freely participate in activities & workshops throughout the event.
The ticket price for Adults 1,250 baht and Children 650 baht.

*** Contact to buy tickets directly via the Facebook page ‘Tribal Art & Craft by Saipa FireArts’ and ‘Tribal Art & Craft 2022’.
Also, buy and get tickets at Free Bird Cafe, Green Dog, Dinky’s BBQ, or Mung Cafe.
“The income after deduction of expenses will go towards the Community Local Wisdom Learning Center and Ethnic Tribal Network Shop @ Huai Nam Dang”

A very pleasure and honor for your kindness and support to the SaiPa FireArts Family.

Event Details

Timing: 10am - 8pm


065 459 4922 Facebook