Thailand Cocktail Festival 2022

September 26 - October 2

Thailand Cocktail Festival 2022 is coming, meet World International bartenders and their extraordinary cocktails in Chiang Mai.
Pleased to invite you to join our exclusive events which will take place on 27th September and 2nd October 2022.

26 Sep 2022 Makiko Ohtsu from Bar Sebek, Japan at Thuub Bar

27 Sep 2022 Kentaro Satoh from D.Bespoke, Singapore at Midlife Crisis

27 Sep 2022 Audrey Gustilo from OTO bar, Philippines at Bitter Truth

28 Sep 2022 Shingo gokan and Yuya nakamine from The SG Group at the White Rabbit

29 Sep 2022 Shinichi Itoh from OTO bar, Philippines at Bitter Truth

29 Sep 2022 Gagan Gurang from Tell Camellia, Hong Kong at Thuub

30 Sep 2022 Shinya Koba from Yakoboku, Japan at Na-Lan-La

01 Oct 2022 Luca Cinalli from Reply Taipei, Taiwan at Midlife Crisis

02 Oct 2022 George radev from Laki Kane, London at the White rabbit

It’s infrequent that the most famous bartenders will visit and represent their extraordinary cocktails in Chiang Mai, we extremely suggest that you can’t miss these special events!

For more information and reservation, please contact
Thuub bar
Midlife Crisis
The Bitter Truth
The White Rabbit
นะ -​ รร -​ฬา (Na-Lan-La)

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