SYNesthesia Exhibition

November 1 - January 31

Exhibition by Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, Thamrongsak Nimanussornkul and Tarinee Insee.

‘SYNesthesia’ is an art exhibition by Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, Thamrongsak Nimanussornkul and Tarinee Insee that focusing on how colors are defined from the experiences of the artists through abstract art. The relation of our everyday life intertwinds with colors and abstract art so complex that it becomes us reflect from our knowhows, our thought and beyond. The weaves are greater than we could realized but we tend to lose our sense of color instinct somewhere along the way.

There are things in our daily life that relate to color in very interesting ways, color for each day in the week, color that links to believes and even feeling, for instance. The three artists based their creations on color usage with different approach. The combination of the color picking and iconic brush strokes on Kitikong’s pieces reflects his super complex state of mind.

Thamrongsak expresses his perception of Buddhism believes in states of human mind. More than twenty layers of ink and special mixture of pigments were screen printed on top of each other to represent his sympathy of confirmative energy of human minds beneath system of nature. The structures of color that Tarinee sees in her surroundings became the focal point in her creations.  The way she amplifies tiny objects into greater paintings can open our mind to look at our surroundings more carefully.

SYNesthesia is an art exhibition where the three artists manipulate color from different perception of different environments. The paintings, in this exhibition, act on behalf of poetic of color in a more universal communication. It is the way to highlight color around us that reflect our experiences, our thoughts and our feelings.

In the occasion of celebrating the opening of SYN Boutique Hotel, the hotel where you will be surrounded by contemporary art. The exhibition SYNesthesia will be on view from 1st November 2019 – 30th January 2020. The opening reception will be held on 6th December 2019 from 17:00-20:00 Hrs. at SYN Boutique Hotel, Chiang Mai.

Event Details

Timing: 5pm - 8pm

SYN Hotel

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