Play day

January 12 - February 4

Solo art exhibition by Koi Sakune
Show Duration : January 9. 2021 – February 4. 2021
Opening Reception : Saturday 9 January 2021 at 6 pm

Artist Statement :
After my first exhibition ‘If you want to be free, be free’ – I now present my latest work as ‘Play Day’. I hope to express the joyfullness of the days that I play with the materials, my art and my imagination as if it was my ‘play day’.

It is by pure coincidence that when the event was intended to be named ‘Play day’, I became aware that there really was such a day like this, celebrated in England during the month of….August ; my birth month. Playday is the national day for play, traditionally held on the first Wednesday in August.

This show presents a collection of artwork made in the moment, expressing stories and feelings. It is also an adventure in art techniques and brings together various styles created within the atmosphere of my home studio that inspires me to create pieces of work every day.

Event Details

Timing: 12pm - 8pm

The Meeting Room Art Gallery

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