Orn Thongthai pop-up & mini exhibition at Den

December 5 - January 5

It is a good time for us to announce our next pop-up and mini exhibition which is going to happen at our store on 5th December 2020 by Orn Thongthai

The pop up and mini exhibition will be from 5th December 2020 till 5th January 2021

Opening party on the 5th December 2020 start from 16:00-21:30

About this exhibition

This mini solo exhibition includes her very personal diary paintings of year 2020.

This mini solo exhibition includes my very personal diary paintings of year 2020.

The concept is to document feelings,experiences and thoughts that instantly happening in those moments. How happy and hopeful from the very beginning of this year turn into a very hard COVID-19 situation that no one expected and how I cope through it.

So I use my freedom of thoughts to create these paintings in the very easy going state of mind. I paint what I like with subjects that I love, the rainbow hair troll, Indie people, surfing, ocean plastic wave, and the fill in the blank paintings that I hope the audience will use their personal imagination to fill in the blank to whatever relate to their mind.”

Event Details

Timing: 4pm - 9.30pm


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