O – Ceramic Art Exhibition by Amornthep Mahamart

February 5 - February 28

O – Ceramic Art Exhibition by Amornthep Mahamart
– Show Duration : 5 – 28 February 2022
– Opening Reception : Sat. 5 February 2022 at 4 pm
All are very welcome. Thank you very much.

Artist Statement
In art, I cannot choose to accept only one side – space or shape, darkness or light, objects or shadows, chaos or calmness, etc. – because they are two opposite poles of the same thing. When one side recedes, the other side is on the rise, up and down alternately endlessly. When you choose to recognize only one side or the other, you can never see the transformation, the ever-changing nature of truth.
Similarly, life and mind can be seen clearly when the drives of the opposite bipolar are working; they continue through the past, present, and future. Those fluctuations are perceived in the same way as the sunlight shining on objects in different spaces and times, giving different perspectives of beauty.
“0” is the balance point between the two sides, which sometimes does not mean “midpoint.” But it is where things change to certain meanings that I remember, understand, create, as the seals of those moments.

Amornthep Mahamart ( Artist )

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The Meeting Room Art Gallery

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