Mindscape 2019-20 by Chatchai Notananda – Opening party

October 3

Mindscape, 2019-20
Chatchai Notananda (b.1978, Chiang Mai)

Notananda’s artwork focuses on reflecting and exposing the states of mind which are influenced by social matters and surroundings. To express his aesthesia, an artist turns his volatile thoughts into rapid painterly semi-abstraction combined with the deconstructed form of his personal experience and recollection of sceneries of things and places around cities and rural villages.

Chatchai Notananda was growing up in Chiang Mai Province, then he moved to experience life in Bangkok City for quite a long time. After having had enough with the capital, he’s decided coming back to hometown to finish his Master’s degree in Visual Arts at Chiang Mai University in 2020.

Opening party 3 October 2020 6 pm.
DJ Dontree
Free entry

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Timing: 6pm


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