MAZESCAPE : ARTIST Kwanchai Lichaikul

February 11 - April 11

A solo exhibition “MAZESCAPE” : เมืองวงกต
Artist Kwanchai Lichaikul : ขวัญชัย ลิไชยกุล
Duration 11 Feb – 11 Apr 2022

If you ask me what Thai mural paintings compare to, I would say, they are like a thick book of fiction or a large textbook that contains many interesting stories, allowing people to dip in and out endlessly.

The works in this exhibition emulate a series of short stories in which the author (I) focuses on telling a concise, thematic story that the reader can read from a beginning to an end in no time.

“Mazescape” is what I call this exhibition, where most of the works are not very large, compared to many works that have been done before. This series of works was created between 2019 and 2021. They are inspired by the questions of living, from the meaning of life to the understanding of it. Each work describes the summary of thought from each moment, combined into a piece of art through the form of a maze. The maze represents the complexity of the mind or confused thoughts arising from the occurring situation. When getting lost, sometimes we may need to rely on our intellect and experience to find solutions to problems or the way out of the maze.

Kwanchai Lichaikul
*** All visitors will be required to show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or a negative ATK result issued within 24 hours before visiting the exhibition. Please register, undergo a temperature check, and wear a mask before entering the gallery.

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