Iagazzo Exhibition

December 1

Showcasing one of Chiang Mai’s most active stencil artist’s, Mr Iagazzo.

Anyone who frequents the small soi’s of Chiang Mai’s old city has most probably seen his intricate mixture of stencils influenced by Mediterranean, Arabic and Asian pattern making fused with sacred geometry and semiotic iconography.

His new show will focus on a refined version of these street pieces and promises to turn heads.

In addition and as always we will be kicking it with some of the hottest tune slingers in Chiang mai. Think Golden era Hip-Hop, think Grime, think Jungle Drum and Bass till late.

Also the Bar Gang has been on road for a minute serving pool parties with the Jai Thep Music Festival crew and banging out killer cocktails with Blissful Sundays so it will be nice to be home again. Might even try set some cocktails on fire or some fancy shit Jen Moy.

Event Details

Timing: 8.45 - 11.45 pm

Overstand Coffee Shop