Exhibition “The Blue Flower and other Birds”

December 6

The Blue Flower and other Birds
The Intimate Bond between Art and Fashion

First the exhibition envelopes you in the beauty and tranquility of the blue flower, of longing. Inspired by Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918) and the beauty of nature Sabine Kaipainen shaped a blue universe. Then the colors burst and the colorful birds take flight: wearable art, men’s shirts and coats.
The exhibition shows clothes, habitable works of art that present themselves like sculptures in space.

Cyanotype is a 19th century photographic printing process that produces a characteristic cyan-blue print. In the iron-based chemical process, a positive image is created by being exposed to a source of iron
Ultraviolet light (such as sunlight) as a contact print through a negative or objects. The result of the exposure is an insoluble blue dye (known as Prussian blue) while the unexposed portions are washed away with water. The extent of color change depends on the amount of UV light.

Sabine Kaipainen – Fashion designer

(Born in 1955) is a professional musician and fashion designer. She finds inspiration in art exhibitions, the street, and her imagination. Sabine Kaipainen exclusively produces single pieces by hand. She has created costumes for theater productions, stage clothing for musicians and exclusive pieces for boutiques. She showed her designs featuring cyanotypes on fabric in numerous exhibitions in galleries in Switzerland, Finland, Slovenia, Germany.

Tuomas Kaipainen: Musician

Baroque oboe, Baroque bassoon, recorder, oboe.Born in Helsinki, Tuomas Kaipainen studied recorder and Baroque oboe in Vienna. During his stay in Vienna, he was a member of the well-known ensembles “Les Menestrels” and “Musica Antiqua Wien”. Tuomas Kaipainen studied modern oboe in Bern, Switzerland and in Linz, Austria. He has performed in numerous recordings and in concerts at international venues including the festivals of Salzburg, Moscow and Helsinki. He has given several master classes for institutions such as the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.


This ensemble was founded in 1982 by Sabine and Tuomas Kaipainen. Its name is derived from the equivalent term in Baroque music which means the projection of Baroque rhetoric art to the art of composition as directly as possible: music as rhetoric in sound. This knowledge is a continual source of inspiration for their new, vital and communicative interpretations. Baroque music in the original sound: luxuriant, colorful. Tuned to chamber pitch A = 392 Hz, Werckmeister II


Event Details

Timing: 5pm

Phor Liang Meun
Terracotta Arts Hotel