Chatcha Thavee ‘In Sequence’

December 7 - December 21

Chatcha Thavee
‘In Sequence’
7 – 21 December 2019
Opening reception: 7 December 2019
6:00 – 9:00 PM

Artist Statement

One is inspired by many things. During this exhibition I hope that you will see views from my house in a little village in which I grew up. My surroundings entail green rice paddies, dusk and dawn skies, hazy moon light, gleaming Buddhist temples, villagers’ roofs, warm and wet earth, scorching sun rays, and cold morning mists.

These elements are depicted in this set of paintings as processes of change, sometimes in cycle, and other times in sequence. I paint line by line, continuously one after another, color over color and sometimes both lines and colors overlapping each other. Colors and textures are also important parts in my work. Texture has its own voice and feel; you can almost hear and touch their echoes. One area is smooth and another is coarsely and gritty to the sense. Colors as feelings whispering and vibrating throughout. One red Buddhist temple carries different association to a simple red roofed house.

I hope you will see, feel, and touch a part of my childhood

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