Best Guesses

January 23 - February 5

An exhibition of new art rock by Chiang Mai based artist Richard Keys.

“The brain doesn’t hear sound or see light. What we perceive is its best guess of what’s out there in the world.”

Anil Seth (n.d.). https://Thecitesite.Com/Authors/Anil-Seth/.
Retrieved October 28, 2020, from

These artworks are evidence of trying to make sense of my lived experience of places and people; they are my ‘best guesses’. Having led a peripatetic life in international education they are also part of a process of locating myself in new contexts, they are part of a process of becoming familiar with new experiences.

I am drawn to art that holds the viewer hovering between the acceptance of the rendered image and awareness of the surface it is made on. That point of ambiguity between the recognized image and the surface it works against and with, is exciting; it makes it possible to have a heightened awareness of ones’ mind working to perceive. I find this to be joyful. Whilst making the work I am striving to find this point of balance between surface and image and when showing the work, hope that the experience is shared by the viewer.

Event Details

Timing: 5pm onwards

Lido Art Space

063 127 7610 Email Website