Art Residency and Solo Show at ISDSI / RX Cafe Chiang Mai

December 13 - December 21

Let Go, Gently
solo show and artist residency by Olive Green Anna

RECEPTION: December 21st, 5pm
Artist Talk: December 21st, 6pm
Residency/ Open Studio: December 13-21th, 2-6pm

Soothing white space. Waving ink-jot. Exploding topographical wombs.

Motherhood turned me, representational artist, into abstract expressionist. Losing my first baby in miscarriage exposed how little control I have. Grieving, freed me to let go and create intuitively and improvise in the studio. Painting with a detailed plan and total control felt almost wrong to me.

In an effort to accept the wild, my practice uses spontaneous, chaotic, fluid inks and acrylics, as well as meticulous applications of pastel, spray, and oil paint. Helen Frankenthaler’s color-field washes and Twombly-esque scribbly, illegible writing spill forth in my work. I write stream-of-consciousness on natural, unprimed canvas sprawled on the floor. The large, monumental canvas calls to me as it did the Ab-ex artists that went before me. My aim in the studio is to ebb and flow with the process, be present, and play with the paint, play in a serious manner, as children do.

I am artist-mother in restraint and perpetual release.

Olive Green Anna will be occupying ISDSI’s (International Sustainability Development Studies Institute’s) new Coffee Lab part of their The Rx Cafe for almost two weeks creating works. Available for studio visits. Please come visit.

International Sustainable Development Studies Institute
47 Chotana Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50000

Event Details

Timing: 2pm - 6pm

International Sustainable
Development Studies Institute