A Muddled Mind Art Exhibit Opening Night at The Meeting Room Art Gallery

January 8

A Muddled Mind

Social structure has been created to go along with human life. We can perceive the range of these norms through experience and intuition. Therefore, humans don’t quite exist freely. It is like a borderline between acceptance and surrender. And yet, acceptance and adaptation coexist with those rules that make us feel liberated.

Submission is a necessity that we have to accept unwillingly. It causes a feeling of contradiction and attempting to leave the framework of the rules that surround us which, in fact, is difficult to avoid.

A Muddled Mind is a work that was created during a time when life was confused, uncomfortable, and full of hesitation that couldn’t be explained in words. The scribbles are expressing a feeling inside my mind. At the same time, it is a recording of what happens in life when it is dissatisfied with the rules and standards that are set up to determine human values. Some things are difficult to accept, but to fight for breaking free is not easy either.
I stopped questioning, but chose to do the opposite; abandon stereotypes and meanings, draw how I feel and release that frustration to lead myself to independence even though it is just a small space on paper. But it is a space where I can feel the freedom and free expression, communicated through a tool called “Art”.

Artist: Sitthinon Phongraktham
Editor: Wanlita Ayuth

Event Details

Timing: 4pm onwards

The Meeting Room Art Gallery