100 years – Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center

June 29

Klang Wiang Museum Network and Chiang Mai Municipality Invitation to join the “100 Years Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center” on Saturday, June 28, 1982 at Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center.

Participate in discussions and listen to lectures with the curator talk activity by expert speakers in engineering and architecture, who participated in the reconstruction of the Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center in the topic “100 years Transition to the Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center Building”.

Join the discussion with Khun Panthep Viriyanon (engineer who supervises the renovation of the Art and Culture Hall Chiang Mai). Study the mechanic wisdom and take a look at the architectural beauty of the first “Western building” in Chiang Mai with Dr. Jirananin Kitika (Teacher Faculty of Architecture Chiang Mai University) and Khun Suwaree Wong Kongkaew (Network Director, Klang Wiang Museum,  Head of the Urban Development Promotion Group Technical and Planning Division Chiang Mai Municipality)

In addition, there are other activities in the event, such as the demonstration of weaving of Teck Chok Making Lanna folk toys Clay molding, ceramics, palm leaf weave, knitting rope necklace Embroidery of millet, cutting, tilling, making trees, planting, etc., enjoying the dinner “Kad-moo” and watching the show On this occasion, you can also visit the Central Wiang Chiang Mai Museum network throughout the day without any admission fees.

• Register to attend the event online at https://bit.ly/2Y6jq9i
And by phone 053 217 793, 053 219 833
• Register to receive souvenirs for the book “100 Years Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center Building”


Event Details

Timing: 8.30 am - 8 pm

Chiang Mai City Arts
and Cultural Center

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