Hong Kong Runners Dominate Awards Kwong & Lam, Co-winner of Thailand Action Asia 50

November 24

THAILAND, November 24, 2019 – The 3rd edition of Thailand Action Asia 50 organized by Action Asia Events was returned on 24 November 2019 in Doi Inthanon National Park near Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain which is also called “The Roof of Thailand”. Joint tie first place in 58km men category belonged to 2 Hong Kong runners Kwong Hoi Tik and Thomas Lam Shing Yip holding hands across finish line with 7 hours 33 minutes 33 seconds. They relished the battle over this technical Ultra Skymarathon course between themselves but also supported each other on the course. Thomas Lam thought that he originally felt good when starting the race in the dark. “The trail was very dark, especially when I was running through the forest. I missed some of the ribbons.” The Hong Kong famous running coach said. Meanwhile, Kwong Hoi Tik is one of the students in Thomas’ running class. He reckoned that the uphill part was really difficult, “but the view is excellent and the weather is very nice. It is sunny and cool in the morning, but becomes hot at noon. It’s a special experience going down to the valley as we get to visit a local village.” The 58km women overall champion also went to Hong Kong runner Leung Ying Suet, with 8 hours 33 minutes 6 seconds. “I go slower at the beginning to save energy for the latter part of the course. Almost all the male runners ahead of me ran off course, so I had been running alone for some time. It was a bit scary. Not concerning about the wild animals, but I worried that I might get lost. I did saw a snake in the dark,” Leung said. She reviewed that the glowing yellow ribbons were helpful and the marking was very good. “The best part is the ridgeline of the mountain. The view is very nice, especially during dawn break. It feels good and we feel like we are waking up.” For the 31km, the Hong Kong Yoga teacher Tracy Ho became the women overall first place. She crossed the finish line with 5 hours 28 minutes 12 seconds. “The toughest part is probably the long uphill from the start up to checkpoint 1. I love the part from checkpoint 2 to forest after the rockface, but the tall grass covers up the rocks. When I ran across it, I need to look carefully and go really slow. I almost twisted my ankle there. The best part of the race is the view on the mountain top in checkpoint 2. It’s so beautiful, the scenery is spectacular. I love this course; I highly recommend it to my friends.” Natthanawan Boonpalanan won the 15km women first place, with 2 hours 50 minutes 6 seconds. “I really like the view of the course. The peak point reaches a high altitude, almost too high for me. The race is not difficult. I will join again next year, and I will recommend it to my friends too,” the local runner said with a big smile on her face. The Thailand Action Asia 50 is possible due to the generous support of supporting partners Tourism Authority of Thailand-Hong Kong, Action X Store, Doi Inthanon National Park, Air Asia, Outdoor Channel, Tri Action, Rarinjinda Wellness Spa, The Oasis Spa Thailand, International Skyrunning Federation, ITRA and UTMB Qualifier. Result Name-Time 58km overall top 5 men 1.Kwong Hoi Tik & Thomas Lam Shing Yip – 7:33:33 3.Patinya Nathong – 8:33:03 4.Yotchai Chaipromma – 8:53:19 5.Luke Stearn – 9:40:39   58km overall top 5 women 1.Leung Ying Suet – 8:33:06 31km overall top 5 men 1.Hamish Wilman – 3:50:32 2.Chokdee Khosawat – 4:20:41 3.Jacy Little – 4:22:48 4.Tharnawat Chuaphanngam – 4:31:06 5.Sittitchai Tharinjaroen – 4:36:04   31km overall top 5 women 1.Ho Chui Sze Tracy – 5:28:12 2.Jessica Keins Timm – 5:58:47 3.Janelle Dong – 5:58:47 4.Orntima Kularb – 6:21:19 5.Ladawan Chaiya – 6:41:50   15km overall top 5 men 1.Michael LeTouzic – 1:56:00 2.Kidin – 1:57:00 3.Pichate Udomwong – 1:58:00 4.Dech Kaewpeng – 2:06:00 5.Navik – 2:16:00   15km overall top 5 women 1.Natthanawan Boonpalanan – 2:50:06 2.Prapassorn Deangrassamee – 2:55:44 3.Apriadee Nuansuk – 3:09:50 4.Pornkhwon Tanjitanont – 4:11:57 5.Vijit Ploy – 4:12:43   About Tourism Authority of Thailand, Hong Kong (TAT-HK) Tourism Authority of Thailand, Hong Kong (TAT-HK) was established as the overseas office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to be specifically responsible for the promotion of Thai tourism with respect to the Hong Kong market. TAT-HK supplies information and data on tourist areas to the public, publicises Thailand with the intention of encouraging Hong Kong tourists to travel to Thailand, develops creative marketing campaigns to attract Hong Kong tourists, keeps updated Thai tourism info, as well as cooperates with and supports the production and development of personnel in the field of tourism. Be inspired by the joy and magic when traveling in the Kingdom of Thailand, and enjoy your exclusive THAICATION – that is the key message from TAT-HK. Follow TAT-HK Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/TAT.HongKong), mobile app (Gals Getaway In Bangkok), Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/tat_galsgetaway/) and Youtube (TAT-HK) to enjoy and develop your own exclusive “THAICATION”! About Skyrunning Since the first extreme races in 1992, the first World Championship in 1998 and the introduction of the Skyrunner World Series in 2003, Skyrunning has grown to become a globally renowned sport governed by the International Skyrunning Federation. In 2015, the Continental Championships were introduced and includes Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania. The sport is practiced in more than 40 nations and counts followers from 126 countries. Event Info: Event Name: Thailand Action Asia 50 – 3rd edition Date: Nov 24, 2019 (Sunday) Start Time: 58km – 5:00 a.m. 31km & 15km – 6:45 a.m. Start Location: Doi Inthanon National Park Headquarters. Chiang Mai, Thailand Distance: 15km, 31km and 58km Category: Trail Running   For more race details, please visit below: www.actionasiaevents.com www.facebook.com/ActionAsiaEvent/ www.instagram.com/actionasiaevents/ www.twitter.com/ActionAsiaEvent www.youtube.com/user/ActionAsiaEvents www.weibo.com/actionasiaevent  

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