LUSH is now at Central Festival

April 4

Fans of LUSH have no need to worry, as the aromatic cosmetics shop is only moving closer to the heart of Chiang Mai!

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has been with us in Promenada since October 2020, and will now take a little trip to explore other pastures in Central Festival Chiang Mai. Starting April 4, 2021, LUSH will once again be ready to serve Chiang Mai’s bath-loving and environmentally-conscious community the freshest of the freshest products.

The brand new and limited Easter collection will be available at the new pop-up shop, alongside the ever popular all-year-round product line, including classics such as the bath bombs and fresh facemasks.

Take a sniff and follow your nose onto the 2nd floor of Central Festival Chiang Mai to give them a visit!

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