Baan Dek Association Says ‘Thank you’ to Prem International School

June 13

Last week at Prem Junior School Monday morning line-up, children had the opportunity to listen to a presentation from the Baan Dek Foundation. It was interesting for Prem students to hear about the conditions that more than 330,000 migrant children in Thailand live in, most of whom are from neighbouring countries. Of these, more than 60,000 are living in dangerous and unsupervised conditions on construction sites. The Foundation has developed an online Life Skills programme to support these children, many of whom do not attend school. The Grade 2 children set a target of 20,000 Baht through the Walk for Water event to purchase a tablet, similar to an iPad, to allow for the Life Skills programme to be taken onto work sites. Through the Walk for Water event, the children actually managed to raise almost 80 000 Baht!!!, so the school purchased 3 tablets, and also had a sizeable amount of money left over to help pay the school and transport fees for the children. This was a monumental effort, and understandably the Grade 2 children were very proud of their efforts in helping other children within Prem community.

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