Yi Peng Festival Integrated into Festival City

November 7

Yi Peng Festival to be integrated into Festival City Earlier this week a meeting was held between numerous tourism related organisations to discuss the upcoming Loy Krathong Yi Peng festival. In order to fall in line with Chiang Mai’s aspirations as a Festival City, this year’s Loy Krathong is setting the stage for a future lantern-free krathong-free festival. Due to environmental and safety risks, the long-held activities of floating krathong and releasing lanterns will be replaced with cultural activities across the city. In the meeting there was talk of ‘soft power’ of the festival, of launching a Loy Krathong Pokémon Go, of launching a new Awakening Chiang Mai Festival, and introducing new concepts to the old tradition. Chiang Mai was awarded IFEA World Festival and Events City Award in 2022, primarily for our Yi Peng festivals, and the aim to to Connie to develop the festival in years coming so that they fall in line with sustainable goals. The Pokémon GO Yi Peng will offer a virtual tourism experience, according to the meeting. With special Pokémon Go routes set out in and around the city. There will be a Yi Peng night tour to feature Lanna cultural activities on the 25th -27th November across the city. Selected and curated Yi Peng produce will be featured from special dishes to handicrafts and souvenir products. The www.visitlannaassociation.com web site will have more information for anyone interested.

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