Waste Me Not at Free Bird Café

September 8

Waste Me Not seminar at Free Bird Café, concentrating on zero waste, circular economy and recycling. Waste Me Not seminar at Free Bird Cafe, inviting leaders in the zero waste, circular economy and sustainable lifestyle movement to share knowledge on how to be more responsible with our waste. They particularly discussed how to manage and sort recycling and which types of plastic and goods that we need to immediately remove from circulation as they cannot be recycled at all. Other topics were how to dispose properly of hazardous waste like batteries and light bulbs, etc and how to cut down on and dispose properly of food waste. The group was brought together by Lisa Nesser of My Best Life CNX (Chiang Mai’s first zero waste store) and Hammon from @LessWasteForWhales, a zero waste blogger. Featured guests were P. Dom from AimRider and Lung Salaeg. You can see the live stream video from the event posted on www.facebook.com/mybestlifecnx

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