Unveiling of Mahatma Gandhi Statue Ceremony

February 21

Consul Krishna Chaitanya accompanied by Chiangmai University (CMU) Vice President Prof Ekkachai Mahaek and Director, India Studies Center Dr Paruedee Nguitragool unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Chamchuree Courtyard in the Faculty of Social Sciences at CMU. CMU Vice President and now Deputy Secretary General of Prostheses Foundation of HRH The Princes Mother Dr Rome Chiranukrom, US Consul General Lisa A Buzenas, Director of Public Relations Department, Region 3, Muanjai Wongyai, Deans of Faculties, Director of Centres, academics and students of CMU, representatives of civil society groups and members of Indian community were present at the well-attended event. Speaking on the occasion, Consul Krishna stated that Gandhi’s thoughts were greatly influenced by Buddhism and scholars across the frontiers of discipline and geography agree that if the world has to find a way out to solve the problems facing the world, then we have to go back to Gandhi and Buddha, and it was a good omen that the statue was being unveiled in Chiangmai, while the holy relics of Lord Buddha and his first two disciples Arahant Sriputta and Arahant Maha Mogallana arrive from India to Bangkok tomorrow, and early next month to Chiangmai.
Students of Bharatavidya Division from the Faculty of Humanities in CMU made an excellent rendition of Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite devotional song ‘Vaishnav Jan to tene je kahiye’ and Dakshina performed an excellent Indian classical dance ahead of the formal unveiling of the Gandhi statue

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