Assist Thai Visa Services Sponsor Gate Theater’s 12th Season

December 2

Assist Thai Visa Services renews their sponsorship for gate theatre for another year.

Rhys Bonney Director of Assist Thai Visa Services and an avid supporter of the arts, told Citylife it is because of the fine work that The Gate Theater has been doing for the past 11 years and also his commitment to seeing the arts flourish for the residents of Chiang Mai that he is happy to support The Gate now in their 12th season. Through their sponsorship, Assist Thai Visa is helping to keep live English Language Theater alive in Chiang Mai.

The next production from The Gate Theater Group, An Inspector Calls was written by British playwright J.B. Priestley. The play will open on December 12th and run through the 15th at the KAD Studio Theatre at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall. Directed by Neville Powis and produced by Stephan Turner, An Inspector Calls is a three-act play which takes place one April in 1912, at the home of the prosperous Birling family. Arthur Birling, his wife Sybil, their daughter Sheila and son Eric are in the drawing room just after dinner celebrating Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft, son of Sir George Croft, and heir to the most successful family business in the North of England. Their cozy celebration is suddenly interrupted when Edna, the parlor maid, announces the unexpected arrival of ‘Police Inspector Goole’. The Inspector has come to the Birling home as part of an inquiry into the death of a young woman. As the Inspector’s investigation unfolds, we discover that they each have secrets linking them to the tragedy. His startling revelations not only shatter the very foundations of their lives but challenge us all to examine our consciences.


Tickets also available at The Dukes Ping River & Maya locations, Pern’s Bistro and the information Counter at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall

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