TEDx ChiangMai 2021 Press Conference

November 3

A press conference was held to announce the TEDxChiangMai 2021 “Re-together” at Princess Siridhorn Astropark November 27 TEDxChiangMai 2021 “Re-together” at Princess Siridhorn Astropark – 8.45am until 6.45pm – TEDxChiangMai “Re-Together”. This will be our highlight event with 15-20 speakers and performances at Princess Sirindhorn AstroPark. TEDxChiangMai has selected speakers from Chiang Mai, other provinces in Thailand and overseas. They are experienced and well-known in many fields, such as technology, science, innovation, urban development, economy, environment, and many more. To inspire our audiences to start making changes and develop and implement their creative ideas, the event offers not only interesting talks, but also offers exhibitions, panel discussions and many other activities for exchanging ideas. The event will be a fully integrated HYBRID event for in-person and online attendees. Standard Pass 1200 THB (in person + online) or 800 THB online access only (virtual access).. early bird tickets available until 8 November 800 THB / 500 THB respectively. Tickets www.eventpop.me/e/11515/tedxchiangmai2021 https://www.facebook.com/events/2671904776452428/

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