TAT CNX 2023 Conference

November 1

On November 1, 2022, at the Sirindhorn Science Park (NARIT) Planetarium, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province, Ms. Phatranong Na Chiang Mai, Director of the Northern Region, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), chairman of the marketing promotion action plan. Tourism for the year 2023, presenting the operational plans and directions for promoting tourism in the North and Chiang Mai Province for the year 2023
Ms. Pattrongnong Na Chiang Mai, Director of the TAT Northern Region, said that tourism direction in the north is likely to continue to recover from the government’s declaration of COVID-19 as an unhealthy surveillance disease. The dangers made people more relaxed in their lives and travel. In addition, Thailand is entering winter, which is the season of tourism in the north. In 2023, TAT has set a direction to promote the tourism market in the north. by focusing on the creation of the northern tourism experience menu under the concept “The Charm of Wan Wan, Northern City” to the target group of tourists, namely working age group, Active Senior group and Multi Generation Family group to encourage travelling. and encourage more spending by delivering travel experiences through various tourism products and services that can respond to the plaintiff’s needs, such as the North X Clusive project, presenting community crafts / community activities, the North Experience Festival project, presenting the Mu route / the route back in time to the northern city. Charming Eat by the Water Project Presenting local food, Michelin Guide, Pirom Wiang Ping and the Amazing Northern Road Trip project presenting traditional festivals, Unseen New Series Driving – Running, Walking Trail, etc.
Ms. Benrat Manyathon, Director of the TAT Training Center, spoke about tourism trends in 2023, the world after the Covid-19 situation. With the bright future of food tourism, Sustain to Regain, sustainability has become both a trend. along with mentioning the attitudes of Thai consumers towards “Sustainability” and the new tourism trend: Work from Anywhere & Digital Nomad …same story There is a 376% increase in the current Health & Wellness tourism for Thailand. Thailand is ranked 15th in the world and Innovation for a Betterment 2023 will be a year of change, the tourism industry will start to have new innovations.

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