Soft Opening The Edge Gastropub

October 9

Soft Opening The Edge Gastropub Wang Sing Kham. Open every day except Monday’s 5pm until midnight. Full menu after Halloween – menu to include items such as Drop the Beet Burger – roasted beetroot and wild rice burger on a sesame bun with vegan mayo, rocket, fresh mango, homemade pickled onions and served with French fries 180thb /  Lemony Beet Hummus, zesty roasted beetroot hummus served with bread and veg sticks 120thb / Durban Bunny Chow – a south African dish consisting of a hallowed out half load of bread filled with potato and bean curry topped with sambals, shaved coconut, coriander and fresh bananas 180thb – much more besides – For reservations or further info call Golfie 0943489119

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