Soft Opening of Phor Liang Meun Hotel

November 3

Soft opening and Buddhist ceremony of Phor Liang Meun Terracotta Arts Hotel on Prapokklao Road Soi 2 (next to the Faces Gallery & Bistro). Dating back more than 100 years, the name Phor Liang Meun has long been highly-respected amongst Chiang Mai’s various communities and city dwellers, referring, as all know, directly to the clan whose patriarch was Meun Maiwan, a widely renowned elephant healer. During his illustrious medical practice Meun Maiwan uniquely made use of traditional herbs to create medicines for treating elephants under his care. In 1938, the Thai government awards Meun Maiwan a license as a traditional bone healer, officially recognizing his tireless and innovative professional efforts in the field of herbal medicine. Three generations later, his grandson, Suttiphong Maiwan established a seedling terra cotta business and incorporated the traditional family name into the business name, yielding what is today the very successful Phor Liang Meun Terra Cotta Arts. The architectural design and decoration of the hotel are a compilation of many artistic concepts, mostly drawn primarily from art found all over South East Asia. Of particular uniqueness to the hotel architecture and décor is the distinctly widespread use of clay bricks and terra cotta pieces created by Phor Liang Meun Terra Cotta Arts family business. For further details [email protected]

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