Skål Holiday Celebration at Anantara Resort

December 15

Skål Holiday Celebration at Anantara Resort. Guests were enchanted by the music from local singer Watthanne “Hanna” Saengsong, a young Hmong lady from Nan, whilst they enjoyed a four course dinner. Prior to sitting down, guests enjoyed canapés such as Prosciutto melon with parmesan & rocket, organic cheery tomatoes with mozzarella & pesto, ham and cheese croquettes, Sichuan pork dumplings. The meal included a choice of Mains including Honey-Glazed Ham with Pineapple-Mustard Sauce and Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Salmon with Capsicum Sauce and Cauliflower Purée, a Trio of Prawns with Sichuan Pepper and Salt, or Pasta Pesto with Roasted Vegetables. Jonky Dawson, President of Skal Chiang Mai told Citylife “food was exceptional which included a fun and very professional staff. One of Skåls most memorable and best events to date thanks to the Anantara’s elite and talented group of people”.

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