Six Chef’s Dinner at Aquaria at Spice Garden

April 26

SMOG FIGHTER COLLABORATION at Aquaria at Spice Garden – 6 chefs from 6 great kitchens in Chiang Mai Delicious with a specially prepared dust-fighting menu. To promote good health and enhance the enjoyment of eating with the event “Cook Su Fun” SMOG FIGHTERS’ N- COLLABORATION CHEF’S TABLE by income after deducting Expenses should be donated to forest fire extinguishing activities in the area of Chiang Mai province. This project is supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai Office.
Experience food from 6 chefs including: Chef Billy from Melia / Chef Black from Blackitch / Chef Khem from Oxygen / Chef Nan from Cuisine de Garden / Chef Oan from L’elephant / Chef Phubase from Aquaria. Each course was paired with tea from Araksa Tea Garden. The evening was curated by Go2askanne Food Studio.
The menu consisted of
Amuse bouche
Oxygen: Edamame Baby Cos Salad Tart Topped with Ikura Salmon / L’elephant: Free Range Chicken Mousse | Cucumber I Roselle / Cuisine de Garden: Smørrebrød Charcoal Sourdough with Turmeric Pickled Fish / Meliá Chiang Mai Seared Scallop with Dripping Hot Sauce, Lemon and Turmeric Chips / Aquaria: Cold Corn Soup Shot with Khai Pam
Bread & Butter: Brioche and Multi seed with Black Truffle Butter (Tea: Joy tea – cold brew)
Salad: Oxygen: Som Tum Papaya & Root Vegetable Roll , Chicken Ballotine , Peanut gel , Som Tum Gel (Tea: silk tea Dark Oolong – cold brew)
Soup : Meliá Chiang Mai: Consommé with Bagrid Catfish Crumbles, Organic Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots and Seasonal Mushrooms (Tea: Preserve – hand roasted green tea)
Palate cleanser: “Summer Mist”: Summer Fruits | Vegetable Mousse | Beetroot | Black Pepper (Tea: Dalah tea)
Pre-main: Aquaria Steamed Marinated Tumeric Garlic Salmon with Veggie Spaghetti and Spicy Acacia Pesto (Tea: Longlal – Oolong tea)
Main: Blackitch Barley Risotto with Chaya Kale serve wirh Chicken Roulade and Dry Mountain Vegetables (Tea: Khao Doi)
Dessert: Cuisine de Garden Granita Ginger Oolong tea with Turmeric Panna Cotta (Tea: BlueFly)

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