RX Coffee Lab at Crossfit

July 6

RX Coffee Lab Open House at Crossfit with Siamaya Chocolate. Up coming SCA courses at RX Coffee Lab include 15 July Brewing Foundation / 16-17 July Brewing Intermediate / 18 July Roasting Foundation / 19-20 July Roasting Intermediate / 21 July Senory Foundation 23-24 July Senory Intermediate. For more information on the courses  rxcafechiangmai.com/learn Also Crossfit took the opportunity to introduce their new head coach Jacques van der Walt. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that produces results. A constantly varied program combining interval training, gymnastics, kettle bells, weightlifting, sprinting and the tools of classic conditioning. Group training with individual coaching makes sure you stay motivated, and tailors the workouts to your specific needs and goals. Please come join us and have fun.

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